mongodb 备份 指定用户名密码

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mongodump -h -d mybook -o /www/wwwroot/yhqtb/mybook -u=mybookname -p=g123456 --authenticationDatabase=mybook


Export the content of a running server into .bson files.

Specify a database with -d and a collection with -c to only dump that database or collection.

See for more information.

general options:
–help print usage
–version print the tool version and exit

verbosity options:
-v, –verbose= more detailed log output (include multiple times for more verbosity, e.g. -vvvvv, or specify a numeric value, e.g. –verbose=N)
–quiet hide all log output

connection options:
-h, –host= mongodb host to connect to (setname/host1,host2 for replica sets)
–port= server port (can also use –host hostname:port)

authentication options:
-u, –username= username for authentication
-p, –password= password for authentication
–authenticationDatabase= database that holds the user’s credentials
–authenticationMechanism= authentication mechanism to use

namespace options:
-d, –db= database to use
-c, –collection= collection to use

query options:
-q, –query= query filter, as a JSON string, e.g., ‘{x:{$gt:1}}’
–queryFile= path to a file containing a query filter (JSON)
–readPreference=| specify either a preference name or a preference json object
–forceTableScan force a table scan

output options:
-o, –out= output directory, or ‘-‘ for stdout (defaults to ‘dump’)
–gzip compress archive our collection output with Gzip
–repair try to recover documents from damaged data files (not supported by all storage engines)
–oplog use oplog for taking a point-in-time snapshot
–archive= dump as an archive to the specified path. If flag is specified without a value, archive is written to stdout
–dumpDbUsersAndRoles dump user and role definitions for the specified database
–excludeCollection= collection to exclude from the dump (may be specified multiple times to exclude additional collections)
–excludeCollectionsWithPrefix= exclude all collections from the dump that have the given prefix (may be specified multiple times to exclude additional prefixes)
-j, –numParallelCollections= number of collections to dump in parallel (4 by default)

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